Our final adventure

Ladies and gentlemen, this will be the final Sawbones adventure for the forseeable future. The first Sawbones arc began in May 2007 so we’ve been going for over 5 years now and I’ve had an absolute ball drawing these characters. In fact I think in ideal circumstances I’d be doing Sawbones until someone pulled the pen out of my lifeless hand.

However in the five years we’ve been doing this we’ve failed to really take off in the way I think this strip deserves and it’s gotten harder and harder putting so much of my heart and soul into the pages knowing how few are reading.

I know that quiting because I’m not getting enough love sounds like sour grapes but it’s not. Sawbones as well as being fun began for me with one overarching goal. To get better as an artist. And you can’t improve in a vacuum. I feel I’m at the point where my art has improved to the point where I want to reach a bigger audience so that more people can let me know what I can improve upon.

This has been an incredibly hard decision to make and i’m truely sad to be ending the comic. In fact I’ve known for a few months it was time to sign off but couldn’t bring myself to announce it until now because I love this cast so much and had so many more stories I wanted to tell (including the origins of Sawyer and Bones).

Sawbones isn’t the end of Jen and myself being creative. In fact Jen’s got more irons in the fire than ever before and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her. As for me I’ll soon be doing a few contributions to some local books before beginning my next major project with a talented new collaborator. When I work out the best way to let you guys how to keep up to date with what I’m doing I’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime enjoy the story and thank you so very very much for joining us on this journey. It’s been such a pleasure doing it and I hope you’ve had even a fraction of the fun I’ve had.

Much love.



  1. Jacen

    Trev, as someone who has read the strip since the beginning I’m sas that there won’t be any further adventures of Bones and Sawyer, but I understand your reasoning. I only do my strip for giggles (and court appointed therapy) so readership’s not a big issue, but you and Jen’s quality of work deserves wider recognition. I’m hoping the new project your working on has something to do with the Snow White stuff you’ve been posting on Facebook. Thanks Trev and Jen for entertaining me for the last five years!

  2. Jacen

    That should be “sad” not sas…all my tears are making it slippery to type on my iPad!