Comics i’m reading – because nobody asked

Trev says: Hey folks just thought i’d share some of the comics i’m reading at the moment. Most are pretty old and i’m merely playing catch up but who knows they may give insight into something… or whatever. I’m reading cool comics is the point.

Criminal. Actually pretty much anything Brubaker and Phillips put out will have me slamming down my hard earned cash. The Criminal books are pitch perfect noir books from the classic noir of the 40s to a more rough and ready 70s style that leaves you expecting Lee Marvin to rise from the grave just to play a part in any Criminal film in the making. Phillips art is phenomenal and my studio contains a few of his originals because I just adore it. Their new collaboration Fatale begins in the same vein as Criminal but adds a new layer of Lovecraftian horror.

Hellboy. I’m still powering through this. I’m up to volume 12 now and the stories which have so far seemed unrelated are starting to hint at the bigger arc that Mignola wants to take this character on.

Atomic Robo. Waaaay before Robo was a comic there was a great blog i used to read about the character. It was told in first person form from Robo’s point of view as he navigated 80 odd years of being an adventuring scientist/atomic powered sentient robot. I picked up the first trade when it first came out but my finances at the time meant i didn’t get the others. Now i’m making amends and loving it. These stories as just FULL of grand scale pull adventure with a massive dose of fun. Exactly the kind of story that makes Indiana Jones, Back to the Future or The Princess Bride films i could watch again and again and since this is a comic the action sequences have an unlimited budget!

Ex Machina. I picked the first three of these trades up in a discount bin after hearing a lot of good things and wasn’t disappointed. It’s about the Mayor of New York being a former super hero who talks to machines. The overarching arc is being hinted at all the time but the trades are great stand alones blending nuanced politics with some heroics to keep things lively.

Batman. 7 months on from the DC New 52 and only one book is keeping me impressed. Snyder and Capullo are blowing my socks of with this. Never having any desire to read a Spawn book i’d never seen Capullo’s art but it’s great. It has shades of Jim Lee’s highly detailed scratchly look but then there’s these wonderfully cartoony elements that he brings to it that just add to the fun. Snyder meanwhile killed it before the New 52 and he’s pushing ahead almost ignoring the relaunch instead deciding to win fans over just by telling great stories. The villians of the peice “The Court of Owls” are creepily ominous with their history dating back to Gotham’s founding it reminds me how violated you feel after being burgled – “someone was in my space uninvited”. For a character like Batman who thinks of Gotham as HIS it’s a massive blow.



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  1. Nick

    Atomic Robo! You’re telling my story, Trev — I also loved that blog, and I also am catching up on the comic, and I also think it’s ace. The best kind of ridiculous.