127 – The Library
May 25th, 2009

127 – The Library

There have been no trumpets or fan fare, but a few months ago Trev and I very quietly decided to make a fairly drastic change to our beloved Sawbones. Today is the first day of the rest of its life. Rather than the usual gag-a-day strips and short story arcs, we are steering Bones, Sawyer, Cheesy, Daisy and a few new cast members into uncharted territory. Join us for a single, long-play action/adventure story jam packed with … well, action and adventure (with a few gags thrown in for good measure, it is Sawbones after all). Over the coming weeks you’ll meet two new characters, Martin and Emilia. They’re super-excited to meet you.



  1. Hiro

    I’m SO excited!!!!

  2. Rhys

    This makes me excited, ALL over! Is this tying in with a new site design?
    This is information I need to KNOW

  3. Franks

    Love the new site design, stoked about the new story.


    – JF